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FAQs of Fundraising

Q: If I have a team am I required to fundraise?

A: No, you can take advantage of the team discount and you are not required to fundraise. We are happy you decided to participate but encourage teams to fundraise.

Q: Can I start a fundraising team without registering for Panerathon?

A: Yes, you may fundraise for Panerathon without registering for the event. You can fundraise by starting a team or individual fundraising page here or raise funds offline and turn in your fundraising dollars by Friday, August 16.

Q: How do I turn in offline donations?

A: Please send all donations to Covelli Enterprises Attn: Panerathon Fundraising at:

3900 E. Market St.

Warren, OH.

Please make sure your donation is marked as to which team or individual should receive the credit. All offline donations are due before Friday, August 16. This offline option is a good way for people with no access to a computer to still be able to donate in the name of a team.

Q: How do I track offline donations on my fundraising webpage?

A: You may turn in your offline donations to Covelli Enterprises who will track your donation on the fundraising page you specify when you turn it in. You may also choose to collect the funds on your own and then make one online donation by credit card to the fundraising page of your choosing.

Q: How do I find a team to donate to?

A: You can search for an individual fundraiser or team name at the top of the Panerathon fundraising page here. You can also call our office and talk to us for recommendations at 330-856-3176 ext.202.